Office of Facilities

BUILDING EMERGENCY call 217-333-0340

Examples of emergency service requests: Flooding from a burst pipe, gas smell

In case of any threat to life or limb, EVACUATE THE BUILDING, then call 911. 

Facility Building Contacts

For non-emergencies or other building-specific inquiries,
please reach out to

Office of Facilities

The Office of Facilities is responsible for the coordination of major capital programs, management of Grainger College of Engineering space, and supporting the core infrastructure of GCOE units that do not have dedicated facility staff.  Our vision is to provide access to a comprehensive set of services for integrated facility, safety, and project management to serve the research and teaching missions of the Grainger College of Engineering while maintaining a high level of operational efficiency.
The Office of Facilities oversees all facilities-related matters and offers Integrated Facility Management Services for Grainger Engineering. This includes space planning and management, facility leasing, comprehensive facility management, and end-to-end project management for new space, additions, space renovation, and deferred maintenance capital and non-capital projects. By working closely with the Grainger Engineering Office of Safety and unit facility managers, the Capital Planning and Facilities team works to ensure that all of our facilities can support the diverse needs of our students, faculty, and staff.

Building Information

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Capital Projects

Project Budget Progress/Status
Holonyak Micro & Nanotechnology Lab Safety Upgrades $6.5 MIL Planned Planning
Material Research Lab Plumbing Upgrade $3.9 MIL Planned Planning
Building X $78.3 MIL Planned Feasibility
Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering Transportation Transformation $20 MIL Planned Feasibility
Grainger Engineering Student Team Competition Building $45 MIL Planned Feasibility
Everitt Laboratory Bioengineering 2nd Floor Lab Renovation $3.5 MIL Design
Engineering Science Building IQUIST 1st Floor Quantum Lab Renovation $3.44 MIL Warranty
Illinois Autonomous and Connected Track: Conceptualization $100 MIL Planned Completed
Campus Instructional Facility $75 MIL Completed
Civil Environmental Engineering Building $33.5MIL Completed
Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building $41 MIL Completed
Siebel Center for Design $48 MIL Completed
Talbot Laboratory Expansion $8.6 MIL Completed
Everitt Laboratory Renovation $55 MIL Completed

John Dallesasse

John Dallesasse
Associate Dean of Facilities and Planning


Qu Kim
Executive Director of Facilities, Planning, & Construction 


Daniel Maier
Grainger Engineering  Facilities Leader 

Dillon Jones
Facilities Operations Coordinator

Jackson Liong
Associate Director of Facilities, Planning, & Construction

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