Shipping Dangerous Goods

In fulfilling the university's research, teaching and outreach mission, it is sometimes necessary to ship or transport dangerous goods or hazardous materials.  These hazardous materials include (but are not limited to) explosives; compressed gases; toxic, flammable, radioactive, corrosive or infectious materials. While some dangerous goods (such as hazardous chemicals) are more obvious, there are many items that you may not realize are actually considered hazardous to ship — such as certain research equipment and materials. Shipping such items requires identifying, documenting, packaging and labeling shipments in accordance with domestic and international regulations.  Further information on shipping hazardous materials or dangerous goods can be found on this Division of Research Safety webpage.

The Grainger Engineering Office of Safety offers College of Engineering departments and units assistance with shipping hazardous materials or dangerous goods, to help avoid fines and delays in getting these items to their destination.  Our trained personnel are up-to-date on the latest regulatory requirements and procedures for HazMat or DG shipping.

Advance notice is critical for us to ensure timely delivery, so please start the process below weeks in advance of the expected ship-out date. Each shipment is unique and requires due diligence in the preparation of shipping documents. Shipments may require specific labels or packaging materials that we will have to procure prior to shipping your package.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

It is critical that you have a general understanding of the requirements and regulations in place when shipping a hazardous material off campus, both domestically or internationally. Prior to reaching out to the Office of Safety, please complete steps 1 and 2 below for a better understanding and more effective communication throughout this process.

  1. Review DRS's Introduction to Shipping page.
  2. Complete the DRS's Awareness Training for the Transport of Hazardous Materials on the OVCR training portal.
    Awareness training shall be repeated every two years. 
  3. Complete the appropriate form below to start the conversation with the Office of Safety:
    - Biologicals or Radioactive Material - Please send us an email with your request.
    - Batteries
    - All other hazardous goods

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