Whether you work at a computer, in a shop, or a laboratory, good ergonomics is essential in ensuring you have a safe and healthful workplace.

In addition to the resources we have compiled below we encourage you to review the Ergonomics Self-Help Guide developed by F&S' Department of Occupational Safety and Health ergonomics program to help you make adjustments to your office workstation.

For additional campus resources, including office ergonomics (computer workstation) assessments and training, please contact F&S Safety and Compliance.


Ergonomics is "fitting the job to the worker." No matter what work you do, ergonomics plays an important role in preventing occupational injury and illness. Musculoskeletal disorders and computer vision syndrome are a couple examples of injuries we can help prevent. 

Resources based on the type of work you are doing:

Injury Prevention in Various Job Settings - NIH

Non-powered Hand Tool Selection Guide - NIOSH
Welding Ergonomics - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety
Ergonomics for Construction Workers - NIOSH

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