Processes and Forms

Workflow diagrams and forms for some of the processes that occur within the Grainger College of Engineering (GCOE).

Business Processes

GCOE Integrated Facilities and Safety Management Work Order

Lab Renovation - Required documents for this process can be found in the Forms section below.

Space MOU - Space reassignments between Campus and GCOE, GCOE and GCOE Departments/Units, or Departments and Units.

Exhibit 1 - Requests foundational project information, funding sources, proposed scheduling, and includes an updated budgeting rate table to develop initial cost estimates to start a capital improvement project.

Building Emergency Action Plan - GCOE works closely with UIPD Emergency Management to draft BEAPs for all of their facilities. The BEAP is designed to assist building occupants with their emergency planning and response efforts.


Below are some commonly used GCoE and F&S Forms, for a full list of F&S forms please visit their website.

Projects and Renovations

Specifying and Ordering Fume Hoods and Their Accessories
Utilities Checklist
Heat Load information Sheet

Other Commonly Used Forms

Air Quality Report Form - Please visit the F&S website to learn more about Indoor Air Quality. Still concerned? Please submit your concerns using the report form and submit it to

Food Service Request Form - Are you hosting an event with temporary food service? The primary concern is perishable food that has potential to spoil, especially foods that should be served hot or cold.  Anyone preparing food using perishable ingredients such as eggs, dairy, meat or fish, or any food that needs to be cooked properly or kept within a temperature range to be safe for consumption should submit this form. The goal of this form is to ensure C-U Public Health District can follow up on any incidents of food-borne illness.
    -Please review the Temporary Food Service Guidelines before hosting your event. 
    -Not required for catered events
    -Not required for sealed non-perishable items or commercially-sourced foods such as coffee and donuts.

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